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Next time you want to try something a bit more out of the box, give The Peachy Kween a try. Think of this drink as a transition from summer into fall; peach, lemon, and dill sit on the summery side of the cocktail, while cognac and almond pull it into autumn. You may be wondering why we'd put greek yogurt in a cocktail; the greek yogurt gives The Peachy Kween a pleasant tang and a smooth creaminess. She's fruity, full-bodied, complex, and insanely delicious.

Prep time: 20 minutes

Makes 1 cocktail


1+1/2 oz Cognac

1+1/2 oz peach puree (if your peaches aren't very ripe, sweeten the puree with sugar to taste)

1/2 oz lemon juice

1/4 oz orgeat (this is an almondy syrup that you can get in some groceries or on Amazon. Monin is a good, cheap option)

1 tsp plain greek yogurt

1 small sprig of dill

Peach wheel for garnish


1.) In your shaker, combine Cognac, peach puree, lemon juice, orgeat, greek yogurt, and dill. Rather than using smaller ice cubes, I like to use one large cube for this drink, as it minimizes dilution and makes the drink taste even brighter; that said, this is totally optional - use the ice you have. Shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds or until the shaker feels really cold; put some muscle behind this. No one wants a glob of greek yogurt in their cocktail! Strain over a large ice cube in a glass of your choice, garnish with a fresh peach wheel, and enjoy.

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